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We understand that not everybody has the time or desire to maintain their lawns and gardens. Most of our customers would rather not think about the upkeep of their garden. Hudson Rubbish Removals can take care of any aspect of your lawn and garden whether it’s hedging, weeding, keeping your garden in tip-top condition or simply mowing your lawns we are here to help.


You could get garden bags or green bags left at your property but that would mean you’d have to do all the hard work yourself to fill them up before they are removed. Another problem is a small garden bag doesn’t go very far when you consider the size of some of the Palm fronds  in Cairns. You could hire a trailer or a ute and move it all yourself to the tip.

That won’t be cheap or easy though either. Removed by the Ute load quickly, affordably and environmentally friendly. All green waste is mulched up and reused to reduce landfill and recycle. A small, not-for-profit, recycling company, helping to support the local community by recycling and reusing.

All profits go to local children’s groups in order to compliment the services offered by the Teignbridge and Torbay Council. We recycle on our site in Newton Abbot. Products made from recycled materials are available for purchase and include planters, garden furniture, lighting sticks, logs, compost, wood chipping and mulch – all delivered to your home or allotment. Our current services include; garden waste collection, composting, re-cycled wood products, garden maintenance, equipment hire, advertising for small businesses.  See Services for Sale.