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We operate a scheduled weekly, fortnightly or four weekly garden maintenance service. You can choose at the beginning of each season how often you wish to be visited. Our standard garden maintenance season commences the second Monday in March (weather depending) and continues through to the last Friday before Christmas. Many clients also opt to carry their maintenance visits throughout the Winter season (January & February).


  • Cutting the lawn and trimming the edges and any minor lawn care required
  • Trimming / pruning and shaping shrubs and climbers when required
  • Weeding and digging over beds/borders
  • Sweeping / clearing paths and paved areas
  • Clearing of leaves etc… and generally tidying

Standard gardening chemicals used during our regular garden maintenance visits are included the set price. We remove and dispose of all waste we create. We have recently become part of a private green waste recycling scheme. All green waste removed from our gardens gets shredded and used for mulch/compost, or gets sent away to a Biomass plant and converted into energy.

Experience shows that most lawns are kept in a reasonable condition by being cut every 2 weeks.
A good quantity of our clients opt to be visited weekly – having the lawn cut on week 1 and the beds/borders and shrubs tended to on week 2 – of course this is something that is tailored to each customer and season.

Once allocated a day and time at the beginning of each season (or whenever you start) we endeavour to keep it unchanged for the entire season. Our schedules are carefully planned and through experience we pride ourselves on our timekeeping and continuity.