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Break your seasonal landscape maintenance down by time of year and type of plant or hardscape, and you¿ll find your to-do list easier than you think. Just as your yard has four distinct seasons of growth and rest, it has four distinct seasons of landscape maintenance. What you have to do depends on the time of year and the type of tree or plant, too. Here are checklists for lawns; trees, shrubs, and groundcovers; flower and kitchen gardens; and hardscape elements to make the work easy to tackle.


Landscape Maintenance for Spring:

  • Fertilize lightly once snow has melted.
  • Repair dead patches.
  • If crabgrass is problematic, treat with a preemergent herbicide around the time forsythia blooms in your area.
  • Revive weak lawns by dethatching and aerating.

Landscape Maintenance for Summer:

  • Mow regularly and as needed. Leave the clippings on the lawn and remove only one-third of the grass height at any one time.
  • As summer progresses, raise the mowing height; taller grass holds up to heat and drought better.
  • Alternate your mowing pattern to avoid creating strips or ruts.
  • Water, in the morning, as needed; soak until the lawn receives about 1 inch a week.