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Weekly Pool

Your Surrounds Garden Manager will advise you on service options available for your gardens and landscape features. We’ll create a garden care schedule that prioritizes services in the correct rotation throughout the growing season. Perennial care depends on the specific type of plant. Staking and deadheading of flowering perennials is performed as needed.


We believe that all perennials should be cut back either at the end of the growing season or before the next growing season begins. Annuals are deadheaded as necessary and receive an application of extended release fertilizer to encourage blooming. IPM For Ornamental Shrubs and Trees. Roses require specialized attention throughout the growing season.

Applications for insect and disease are included in this service. Additionally, deadheading of roses is performed to encourage repeat flowing. As per client preferences, climbing roses will be attached to hard surfaces and trained to grow as per master plan. Our groundskeepers perform general weeding on a weekly basis. The frequency of this service can be increased as necessary to accommodate client requests.

All planted or hardscape areas will be weeded either by hand or through the use of herbicide. The method employed will vary based upon the density and plant type of the planting area. We mow turf areas on a seven day rotation from early to mid-April through early November with an average of thirty mowing visits per year. Please note that the mowing schedule may vary due to weather conditions.