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G-10We understand that city gardens can have multiple uses, and often need to incorporate defined areas for recreational space, child friendly planting and ‘grow your own fruit and veg’ areas as well as flower beds and shrubbery. Our planting schemes can be  devised to accommodate a range of requirements. We can help create herb gardens, and areas of educational interest that will help to attract wildlife and, devise planting schemes that will keep your garden looking colorful and interesting throughout the seasons.

We welcome clients that require us to visit their gardens on a regular basis, you may be looking for inspiration or have run out of energy to keep up with your garden maintenance. We are happy to work alongside you and do the hard graft for you, we can help with keeping planted areas free of weeds and  to help with creation of new planting areas and flower beds.  We are happy to advise on the most suitable times and areas of your garden to plant in. We can also advise on soil quality and if there is a requirement for fertilisers or additives. All of our planting plans are produced after consultation with the client and will take into account your desired level of maintenance. Feel free to call us with your specific requirements.

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