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Chosse Online Recording Studio- Guide

In this blog, we will write about a relatively new concept of remote song production via Internet-based collaboration with music studios or music production companies.This series is envisioned to be a combination of necessary music theory lessons with exercises, improvisation exercises and practical composing tasks. Anyone can make and compose.


This method of recording songs has quickly been titled as “online recording studio” concept. We all make music for one reason or another. Some of us pitch our songs to major labels. Some of us are accomplished artists working on our next classic.

Some of us want to grab the ear of our band mates or labels. Some of us are happy to make music for ourselves, family or friends. Whatever the reason for its creation, we are faced with the question: how to create?

We’ve come a long way since John Lomax recorded Lead Belly using equipment mounted in the trunk of his car. The first bare-bones booths in Texas. Radio stations in the South. Larger and more sophisticated studios in Chicago and New York. And just like manifest destiny itself, westward to classic destinations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and up to Portland and Seattle—and that’s just in the States.

These days, anyone with a computer can record their own music. Increasingly user-friendly software like Pro Tools and Ableton Live make it a cinch to lay down tracks, make a quick mix and listen back to your original tunes in real time. In the grander scheme of things though, what has the combination of music and rapidly increasing technology created? How much music is out there? And on how many different levels and formats? But the real question is:

what makes some recordings stand out from the rest?

The answer is in the quality. If all of the elements that go into a great recording aren’t captured correctly, how will it reach the ears of the intended listener? In other words, if a song is laid down in a forest of music, will it make a sound? How does a songwriter with a song in their head give birth to their musical vision? There are too many methods to mention. But some methods are better than most.

There is always the option of booking time in a local professional recording studio. They can hire a team to record and produce your track. But this is usually the most expensive route and the end result can be a gamble depending on the quality of personal at that locale.

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