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Drum Classes

Drums and percussion are the oldest form of instruments. As time went on, drums were made into newer and newer materials, until there were medals, plastics, and many others.

This is an instructable on how to play the Drum Set.


Okay, so there are many sizes of drumsticks. They will have markings such as 5b, 7a, and many others. Go to a music store like Sam Ash or Guitar Center. Go to the place with the sticks. Slide them out of the holders (usually no wrappers or tape). Some sticks may be to thick, some may be too thin.

Also, figure out how heavy you like them. If your favorite size is 5a, find 5a sticks that are your liking of weight. It makes a large difference

Signature sticks only come in one size, so if you want those awesome Joey Jordison Signature sticks, and you don’t like the size, then don’t buy them, or buy them and showcase them.

Sticks make a huge difference. If it is too thick, you are not capable of doing what you can do with the size you are comfortable with. Sticks that are too thin can make you feel like you are hitting nothing but air, and it is weird.

It is always fun to read interesting facts about being a drummer, the history of drums and some inspirational creative people over the years that have contributed to world records. I have made a list of my favourite drum facts that I have found out, I especially love number 4!

  1. The drums are one of the world’s oldest instruments. As it is classed as a membrane (vibrations caused by a stretched surface) it has carried the same traditional shape for thousands of years.
  2. The Alligator Drum is one of the oldest drums to be discovered. It is said to have manifested shamanistic characteristics and were often used in ritual ceremonies. The earliest record of them in from 2300 BC – 1900 BC.
  3. Drumming is known to be one of the best forms of exercise, in some cases more than than cycling, hiking, or weight lifting! Recently drumming has been adapted into a workout called Drums Alive. This involves aerobic dancing and jamming on exercise balls.
  4. Viola Smith is one of the world’s most famous female drummers. She is 101 years old and claims that playing the drums contributed to her longevity. She is also Zildjian’s longest running endorser!
  5. Back in the 80’s, electric drums became very popular. People thought that they were going to phase out traditional drums, however it turns out drummers prefer to play acoustic kits over electric in all decades.
  6. The “drum kit” started to evolve in the 1890’s when people started to incorporate the bass drum and cymbals into their performance. The first drum kit to be sold as a full set was the 1920’s Ludwig “Jazz Er Up kit however it did not include a Hi-Hat. The Hi-Hat was introduced in the 1930’s DeLuxe Drum Outfit.