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Try One of Point Blank’s Free Online Course Samples

If you want to try a Point Blank course before you buy, it’s easy to do so with our free online course samples. To access them, all you have to do is register on our website and you’re ready to go. There’s something to suit everyone, and you can try out our DipHE Music Production and Business course, the Logic Pro online Diploma and Ableton Live online Diploma. Trying Point Blank’s free online course samples is the perfect way to get a taste of the style and quality of course content you can expect when studying online with us.

Once you’ve tried out a free online course sample, it’s easy to enrol with us and there’s never been a better time because we’re currently offering 10% off all online courses until September 30th including our Higher Education Programmes and Professional Programmes. You can make a total saving of up to £900 ($1,350) when you enrol with the code 10%SEPT15.

This free course sample features content taken from the 32 or 64 week Music Production with Logic Pro online Diploma programme. When you enrol on an online course at Point Blank, you not only work alongside professional producers but also find a team of experts available to offer advice and support. Please note, this sample includes only a small fraction of the total programme content that you will receive!

Ableton Live is a flexible tool, and it’s become more and more popular as a DAW in the world of music production. If you’re looking to master Ableton Live, our Music Production online Diploma is the one for you – and there’s a free course sample above for you to try out before you enrol. What you can’t sample here is the live interaction with your instructor and classmates that you get on a full programme. However, we have included examples of how this works – just watch out for announcements, forum, masterclasses and 1-2-1 Live Tutorials and DVR.