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Every dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Let us walk and play with your dog to help them live to their fullest!


Don't leave your pet alone all day! We'll stop by to play with and feed your cat, puppy, or caged pet and make sure they have a great day.


When you're away let your pet spend quality time with their favorite pet sitter! Experience safe, hassle-free overnight care for your pet.

Your Pets Are The Heart Of Our Business


We want to thank you with all our heart for taking outstanding care of our little faces. They are our babies.

MaryAnn Teak

My dog had diarrhea and Karen was so concerned she actually cooked for her! I couldn’t have asked for better!

Charles Piet

A House Is Not A Home Without A Pet

  • Does Your Pet Have Smelly Breath?...

    Brush your pet’s teeth, preferably every day. If that’s too tall an order, commit to several times a week. If you’ve never tried brushing those canine or feline choppers — or you’re not having much luck when you try — keep in mind that a …

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  • Cat’s Care During Summers!...

    DON’T let your cat go outside between 10am and 3pm.DO apply a pet sunscreen, which can’t be licked off, to the nose and ears of pale-coloured cats when they do go outside.DO keep the blinds closed and the curtains shut to keep the house cool …

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  • Never Feed Your Pet Cooked Bones!...

    Dogs love the yummy taste, the mental stimulation, and the gnawing is great exercise for the muscles of the jaw. Bones are Mother Nature’s tooth brush, chewing on them keeps your pet’s teeth clean, their gums healthy and their breath fresh. However, raw bones are …

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  • Top 20 Cat’s Name You Can Kee...

    According to Pet Insurance Australia, these were the top 20 cat names in 2015. Is your pet’s name listed? Head on over to our Facebook or Google + pages and let us know and why not post a picture of your cat while you’re …

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